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Breaking news: mini grants

The IBD Research Foundation selected three research projects to be awarded a grant of 5000 Euros each.

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World IBD day 2010

Each of us who has either Crohn’s disease or Ulcerative Colitis has his or her own story. Fortunately often with periods of remission, but also with these inevitable periods of flare ups. Flare ups which may force you to take strong medication which have these nasty side effects, flare ups which may stop you from leaving the house because the urgent need for a toilet may arise, flare ups which may even force you to have surgery. Often it will simply wear you out.

Yet many of us learned to cope pretty well with their situation. Regularly with the help of our national association for people with Crohn’s disease or Ulcerative Colitis. In fact many of us got stronger by learning how to cope, so they were not only able to live their life as ‘normal’ as possible, but also to pursue their dreams in life!

Today is World IBD day, which is an excellent opportunity to show the world that there is nothing to be ashamed of having this disease, to show what people with these diseases can achieve rather that what they cannot achieve, to claim our rights concerning matters like education and employment, to stress the importance of research, to show the world that united we stand!

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