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The IBD Research Foundation selected three research projects to be awarded a grant of 5000 Euros each.

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First world IBD patients day 2010

For some time the IBD ( inflammatory bowel disease) global community of Crohn's and colitis patient organisations and foundations have been considering the wish to launch a World IBD Patients Day. As a result of discussions in early June 2009 among patient organisation
representatives from Australia, Canada, Europe, South America and the USA during Digestive Diseases Week in Chicago and subsequently in a teleconference a decision has been reached to pilot the first Global IBD Patients Day on 19 May 2010.

However to reflect regional and national wishes and to provide some flexibility world-wide there will
be other connected events regionally and nationally in the second half of May 2010 and in some cases longer, so extending the impact of this first worldwide initiative.

The organisation team drawn from those patient organisation representatives meeting at DDW in
June have drafted some initial objectives for the World IBD Patients Day, which are:
  • to convey a sense of global solidarity for IBD patients
  • to highlight global IBD patient numbers and issues to the media
  • to encourage patients to contact and take part in their national association activities
  • to increase awareness among health professionals of the national Crohn's and colitis patient organisations
  • work with the professional healthcare societies and organisations including the World
  • Gastroenterology Organisation - WGO who have already nominated the year 2010 for IBD following the success of their IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) events in 2009
  • to do this through a global brand for the World IBD Patients Day
  • to set up a 2010 World IBD Patients Day website with links to other organisations
  • to prepare a outline global vision and mission policy statement primarily about research, treatment, IBD related personal issues, jobs, education, etc
  • after May 2010 undertake a review evaluating outcomes and impact so to be able to consider whether to continue on an annual basis or 2 or 3 yearly
  • organise a special pre launch during 1 - 6 May 2010 Digestive Diseases Week in New Orleans
Meanwhile we will be circulating other regional and national Crohn's and colitis patient
organisations and other healthcare stakeholders not already involved.
Please follow the progress of the planning for the first World IBD Patients Day 2010 on the IBD
RESEARCH FOUNDATION website at and by visiting the websites of the
CCA (Australia - formerly ACCA), CCFC (Canada), EFCCA (Europe where you will also find the Europewide national associations links) ABCD (Brazil for South America) and CCFA (USA).
A special world day website will be launched in Q4 2009.

Meanwhile you are welcome to contact us if you would like to be added to our e-mailing list so that
you receive the latest news about the 2010 program including the new World IBD Patients Day
website address.

Rod Mitchell, IBD Research Foundation

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